Encrypted Communication and Collaboration

Your information so safe, only your company can read it.

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Why Corres?

If your company is using a cloud service, chances are your product plans, customer records, finanical information, and acquisition strategies are all stored in such a way that they are readable by hackers, adversaries, and rogue employees. To make matters worse, they might be selling your data to the highest bidder or using it to target you with ads.

Corres protects your company's communication and documentation, from the menial to top secret, and ensures only the intended recipients can read it. We can't sell your data or ads, even if we wanted to make an extra buck.


$5.99 (plus tax) per person per month.

We only charge for people in your company actively using Corres. If someone has never signed in, or has been disabled, we won't charge you for them.

You receive access to all features of Corres, 100 GB of storage, and can cancel at anytime.

$5.99 per user per month is an introductory price.
Price will increase July 2017.

How it Works

Corres provides end-to-end encryption to protect your information before it leaves your computer. We follow the OpenPGP standard to provide security and privacy.

When you write a new piece on Corres, your computer fetches the recipients public encryption keys, encrypts what you just wrote, digitally signs it from you, then sends the encrypted data. Only the intended recipients can read what you wrote, and they can be sure you're the one writing it.